Day Trip Series: Curú Wildlife Refuge

Day Trip Series: Curú Wildlife Refuge

First in our day trip series, an adventure to Curú Wildlife Refuge: “Once the trek starts to draw to an end, in the distance you will see an azul piece of paradise - approach with caution, because you will be blown away by its breathtaking beauty and might not want to return.”

You asked, we answered - A Q&A breakdown

You asked, we answered - A Q&A breakdown

Over the years, we’ve been asked many questions, from how consistent our beach break is, to advice about the best activities in the area, and many more in between. While we’ve put together a comprehensive Q&A section, we wanted to highlight some top questions here.

Vacationing in the rainy wet season, Costa Rica

Let's talk about the rainy or the wet season and what you can expect when vacationing during this quieter time of the year. The beginning of the rainy season is typically around the middle of April. That's often when the first rain in 4 or 5 months occurs. It can start off subtle and build in intensity over the next months so there is usually still plenty of sunshine.

3 Rare and Endangered Animals to See in Costa Rica

Rare animals in Costa Rica are everywhere. This is a country home to 250 endangered plant and animal species. Many of them are unique to this Latin American country. No trip would be complete without making an attempt to spot some of these wonders. You might be one of the last humans to see them. Here are three rare and endangered animals you might be lucky enough to spot.

Visiting the Festivals in Costa Rica – What and When

Costa Rica is a country known for its laidback attitude and friendly locals. ‘Pura vida’ is the unofficial motto of this country, and it’s why they’ll take any opportunity to celebrate. During your stay, you might want to visit some of the festivals in Costa Rica. Here’s a brief insight into a number of major and minor festivals and celebrations.

Travelling to Costa Rica, Do I Need to Learn Spanish?

It’s the question on any first-time visitor’s mind, is Spanish necessary to get by? Costa Rica’s primary language is Spanish so it would really help if you could churn out a few words. If you’re travelling for a standard family surf vacation, you can probably get away without learning Spanish. Many expats get away without ever speaking a word of the language. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t attempt to pick up a few Spanish words. It opens far more doors and enables you to explore the country more intimately.

Top 5 Weirdest Animals You Can See in Costa Rica

It’s not hard to find animals in Costa Rica. It’s awash with birds, marine life, and howler monkeys hiding in the foliage. However, there are some animals which you’ll remember for a lifetime. We have compiled five of the weirdest animals to be found in this tropical nation.

See if you can spot these beauties during your stay in Costa Rica. They provide some great reasons to not forget your camera!

A Guide to the Major National Parks of Costa Rica

National parks in Costa Rica are all teeming with wildlife and cover 25 per cent of its total landmass. This is a country which takes pride in having such a diverse ecological system. It’s also the backbone of its behemoth tourism industry. During your trip to Central America, you’ll experience some of your most treasured memories in one or more national parks. If you’re unsure which of the 26 national parks you want to visit, here are our favourites.

Why You Should Travel in Costa Rica Alone

Oh no, travelling alone! But what about all those dangers which are ready to injure or kill you? Calm down, travelling alone gets a lot of bad press. The media blows the occasional negative story out of proportion and we start to believe going it alone is wrong. What many of these stories fail to mention is whether the people in question were being responsible or not.

Your Guide to the Weather of Costa Rica

Costa Rican weather is more chaotic than anything you’ll find in the US. When it rains in Costa Rica it really rains. It’s not a shower it’s a deluge. What makes this country stand out is the fact you can visit anytime of the year, in rain or shine, and still have a great experience. The animals don’t leave and neither do the tour operators. They’re here all year round.

Odd Mistakes Foreigners Make When Travelling to Costa Rica

Travelling to Costa Rica is your chance to experience some things you may never encounter again in your life. The local Ticos are proud of their country, may not be widely traveled, and are not always familiar with many Western customs. The differences in Costa Rica can lead an embarrassing scenario if you make a mistake. So here are some of the oddities you should aim to avoid.

Quick Insight into Coffee in Costa Rica

Coffee is strongly associated with Costa Rica. It’s the main industry the country known for. The Ticos (Costa Rican people) have done much to encourage the growth of coffee and protect its industries. If you want to know where your rich morning aromas come from, read on for some fast facts about coffee in Costa Rica.

Shopping in Costa Rica – Trading with Local Merchants

At some point you’ll probably want to investigate the local stores in your area to see what souvenirs are on offer. You may want to take some trinkets home for your family and friends. Shopping in Costa Rica isn’t about high-end retail brands. It’s about local economies and merchants selling their wares. It’s a very traditional way of shopping, especially if you’re outside cities like San Jose.

Here's your guide to what works, and doesn't, when it comes to shopping in Costa Rica.

How to Save Money in Costa Rica

Costa Rica didn't used to be known for its high prices. However the rise of the tourist trade has changed this in more recent years. If you came here thirty years ago everything would cost but a fraction of what it does in the UK or the US. Now, you can see prices steadily creeping up and frequently goods and services here now cost the same as they would cost you back home. If you know how to save money in Costa Rica, you can avoid many of the tourist traps cleverly poised to take more of your money.

Avoiding the Worst Tourist Traps in Costa Rica

Tourist traps occur in any country where you can find tourists, and Costa Rica is no exception. To make sure you don’t become the victim of a shady operator, we’ve compiled a list of the worst tourist traps in Costa Rica. There are hundreds of them, but these are the ones we’ve seen reported on a regular basis.

How to Travel in Costa Rica without Any Problems

Costa Rica isn’t known for its road safety and its attention to detail whilst driving.  Although the dirt roads are remote and poorly maintained, they will get you where you want to go. For foreigners though, they can be a nightmare. While driving safety is practically non-existent, from bridges without guard rails to drivers with little regard for anyone else, you can still travel well if you plan correctly.

Fun and Fantastical Facts about San Jose in Costa Rica

San Jose is the seat of government, and the most important city in Costa Rica. It’s a city which brings in thousands of tourists each year. Before you make your trip to the Tico capital, let’s take a look at these facts about Costa Rica and the capital city. They’ll help you prepare for your trip and learn about what you can expect from this high-altitude urban sanctuary.

Is Learning Spanish Hard?

Come to Costa Rica and this is the first question most people ask when they attend their first Spanish lesson. When you’re not splashing about in the water at our surf retreat or enjoying a relaxing massage, you might be sitting on a beach learning to speak the language of this Central American paradise. You know it’s important and fun to learn a new language, but you still have some butterflies floating around in the pit of your stomach.

Interesting Facts about the Nicoya Peninsula

The Nicoya Peninsula has been a point of contention over the years. Up until the 19th century, it was under Spanish rule, along with the rest of Central America. Originally, it was part of Nicaragua. In 1824 it voted to secede from the country and join Costa Rica. It’s still a hot topic of discussion today.

Secure Your Dinner with Fishing in Costa Rica

Fishing trips are a great way to get away from everything and relax, as well as catch your dinner. Fishing in Costa Rica is a popular sport as its waters are teeming with aquatic creatures. Competition fishers also come to Costa Rica to train for their next event. You can sail around the country and encounter hundreds of different creatures. Read on if you want to take to the waters...