Top 5 Weirdest Animals You Can See in Costa Rica

It’s not hard to find animals in Costa Rica. It’s awash with birds, marine life, and howler monkeys hiding in the foliage. However, there are some animals which you’ll remember for a lifetime. We have compiled five of the weirdest animals to be found in this tropical nation.

See if you can spot these beauties during your stay in Costa Rica. They provide some great reasons to not forget your camera!


The kinkajou is perhaps the shyest animal on the list. It’s found in the middle of Costa Rica’s jungles, usually in the darkness and out of sight of the sun. Believe it or not, it actually hates the sun and tends to hide beneath tree branches to stay out of its gaze. It won’t leave until it’s dark and safe. The tail is longer than its body. It uses it to climb trees and to find food. If you find one, get the camera out quickly and stay as quiet as possible.


You can tell you’ve found an agouti by its size. It’s just larger than a guinea pig and you’ll find it on the picturesque Nicoya Peninsula. They used to be more common, but they’ve since become quite rare as wild animals, which are being conserved more, use them as prey. They’re easily frightened and tend to hide in the forests. You’ll likely hear it before you see it as it has a very high pitched bark it uses to startle predators.

Blue Morpho

The blue morpho is one of the most famous insects in Costa Rica. This butterfly has a large wingspan of up to 20 centimetres. Its beautiful neon coloured wings are royal blue making it noticeable from a distance. At one time, hunters killed them and used their wings for making jewellery.

You can tell a male from a female by looking at the wings. The males have little ridges which make the wings look metallic. This look happens due to the way the ridges reflect sunlight.

Rosy-Lipped Bat Fish

The rosy-lipped bat fish is the cousin of the red-lipped bat fish found in the Galapagos. It’s found near Cocos Island. You’ll likely only see them if you go on a diving trip. Despite their harmlessness to humans, they’re actually some of the most feared predators of smaller fish.

They’re found deep in the ocean and have evolved to the point where their fins help them to stick to the ocean bed so they can jump up and attack their targets before they have a chance to react.

Crab Spider


This strange cross between a crab and a large scorpion is something of an anomaly. It looks threatening but it’s completely harmless. It’s unique because both males and females tend to die soon after breeding. You can usually find them clinging to leaves in the trees all over the country.

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