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Learn To Surf Online – Premiere learn to surf better private membership. Created by Team Shaka & Surf Coaches – This is the website for the Anamaya Resort. This luxurious resort is situated in one of the most beautiful beach towns in the world. The resort is in the vicinity of epic waterfalls and on a cliff edge, a vantage point one can have ocean views from. You will get the top-notch Yoga Teacher training and memorable Yoga retreats. Anamaya resort also offers one of the best Costa Rica surfing services including surf schools and camps. Oh! Don’t forget the all organic foods, the excellent accommodation services, the exclusive fire dancing and circus entertainment all offered at Anamaya resort. – Visit this website to know more about the Pura Vida Sunsets projects, the green eco village located in Montezuma, Costa Rica. Is the high price of properties in Montezuma and Malpais areas prohibiting you from purchasing the property? If yes, then Pura Vida Sunsets is the solution to your problem! You will get lots for sale if you intend to invest in real estate in the eco friendly village, a number of house options and green building techniques. Visit the website to know more about the sustainability, the toxic free and peaceful living community Pura Vida Sunsets is creating. – Planning to tour Costa Rica soon but don’t know where to get accommodation, where to surf, beaches to visit etc? If yes, Costarica Journeys is the site to visit. This travel portal will provide you with information on the best hotels to lodge during your stay in Costa Rica, your surfing activities, where to take yoga classes and retreats, where to do your activities like biking, scuba diving, hiking and fishing, the natural features such as volcanoes and waterfalls, wildlife to watch, travel airport, where to get eco villages and more. Simply put, is your one stop travel portal.

Santa Teresa and Malpais Hotels and Rentals – Planning to tour among the most beautiful beaches of the world and the beautiful rugged jungle of Santa Teresa and Malpais, Costa Rica? If yes, then visit Malpais Beach, one of the most resourceful websites especially for hotels and resorts information, to get all the hotel guide information you may need. Get information on any class of hotels you may be interested including the high-end boutique hotels with villas, medium priced hotels, low priced hotels, bargain hotels etc. All the information available in this beautifully designed website is up to date and accurate. You will be literary amazed to see how dedicated the website authority to provide you with most recent tourist information. – You are currently touring Costa Rica or planning to do so soon? You like the ocean and scuba diving in particular? If yes, then get the information on this exclusive site. Get to know about the scuba diving resorts and companies, diving areas such as Tortuga Island, Catalinas, Cano Island, Coco Island, Guanacaste and Murcielago among others. You will also get to know about the best scuba diving spots, best spots to view the marvelous aquatic life such as dolphins, sharks, sea turtles and whales, where to get accommodation including hotels, eco lodges and the scuba retreats and more. – Do you like surfing? Are you in search of a website where you can get all the surfing activities information including surf camp, surf tour and surfing retreats, found in Costa Rica? If yes, then Costa Rica Surfing is the solution. This is your one stop site in which you will get information ranging from your best Costa Rica Surfing activities, to the top surf schools, to the best surf spots, to the top surf retreats, to the best surf resorts, to the top surf shops to the top surf camps, to the regional surf guides, to the wonderful surf videos and more. Costa Rica Surfing is the site to visit! – Intending to visit Medellin city in Colombia? Want to know more about Medellin, one of the finest cities in the world? If yes, then visit I love Medellin today and get all the travel guide information on Medellin city ranging from the attraction sites to visit including exhibitions such as the amazing Albert Einstein exhibition, to the famous buildings such as the Orchideorama at the Botanical Gardens, to the Medellin Museum of Modern Arts, to the parks such as the Barefoot parks, to the festivals held in Medellin such as the Festival of Lights, the shopping, transportation around Medellin and more. – This is the website with information on the Mariposas del sol, one of the Montezuma’s favorite rental villas for your vacation that is currently part of the luxurious Anamaya hotel. Mariposas del sol has beautiful, unique, air conditioned bungalow units that you need. It is also at a short distance drive from notable places such as the well known Malpais surfing in Malpais, Cabuya and Santa Teresa. Swimming in its salt water pool located strategically for startling ocean views is something you’ll live to remember! Don’t forget the wildlife you’ll have opportunity to see in the surrounding jungle reserves! – You intend to invest in real estate in Montezuma, Costa Rica? If yes, then visit this website today for one of the most elaborate property listings in Montezuma and the other surrounding areas such as Malpais, Cabuya, Tambor, Santa Teresa, Playa Hermosa and Manzanillo. This company will reliably help you through the buying or selling of your property in Montezuma and Costa Rica at large. They will also help you get good architects and give you tips on green building technology. When the house is ready, they will also assist you with the rentals and property management and more. – Perhaps you are planning to visit Montezuma, Costa Rica this vacation but you don’t know where to rent during your stay here, where to surf and the like. Visit this website and get information on where to get the best rentals for your vacation, the finest, luxurious hotels in and around Montezuma, some of the world’s most beautiful beaches you have ever dreamt of visiting, where to take your surfing and yoga retreats, activities such as bird-watching, spear-fishing, boating, hiking, dancing, scuba diving, horseback and canopy tours, the parks and wildlife you will be privileged to see and more.

Cabo Blanco Park – Planning to tour Montezuma and Santa Teresa in Costa Rica soon? If yes, then consider Cabo Blanco National Reserve and Park as one of your favorite sites to visit. Visit Montezuma Beach today! This webpage provides you with all the information concerning the reserve and the park that you may like to know. Ranging from its size and maps, to activities, to the facilities such as the San Miguel Biological Research Station, to the history of the park, to the wildlife you will have the opportunity to see to, the ship wrecks near the park such as the “Grand Ranger” and more. – Pasion de Tres helps you to get information on where to get the best deals on the beautiful bathing suits you need while at the beautiful beaches of Costa Rica or when pool swimming, cloth designs that for sure you will like, blouses and skirts for you, various designs of recycled jewelry; some made from very simple materials but looking great, make ups perfect for you and other accessories. You will also get to know about fashion shows such as one held in Avenida Escazu, in Costa Rica, nice photo shoots. There is also a collection of fashion video shoots and more. – This is the website for Rancho Delicioso, a 20 acre property located in one of the prettiest beaches in the world, Southern Nicoya Peninsula of Costa Rica. Rancho Delicioso is a permaculture and eco village whose primary objective is to locally produce fresh organic foods for the yoga retreat guests in the area. At the same time, Rancho Delicioso also researches on organic farming, researches on aquaponics and installs ponds, researches and informs the public on the green building technology using locally available materials, invites talented individuals to aid in the farming and creating own exotic projects and more. – When touring Costa Rica and in particular the Santa Teresa area, you verily need information contained in this site. The website has all your tour guide information for the area ranging from maps that will give you direction and sites to visit, to where to be accommodated during your tour or vacation such as the hotels with best services and vacation rental villas, to the top surfing camps in the area, to the best surfing spots, to the best surfing retreats, to the top yoga retreats, to the best place to take your surfing and yoga classes and more. If you are intending to buy a property in Costa Rica, then visit this website today! It is the website for Tropisphere real estate Company which deals with property listings, out of which you will definitely not miss to find your dream property. The listings range from the prestigious ocean view beachfront lots and homes, to the luxurious villas and resorts, to the simple family homes, to the simple farms and more. If you are dreaming of acquiring property in Santa Teresa, Montezuma, Malpais, Cabuya and Tambor areas of Costa Rica, then let your dream begin with Tropisphere Company.