Musings of a Social Host

My first trip to Costa Rica was a turning point for me. There is something incredibly powerful about being immersed in this biodiverse environment that somehow subtly forces you to stop and take stock of where we are right now in life.

Unintentionally, an internal journey becomes you and all that you do while you sway side to side in a hammock beside the hummingbirds who frequent our little piece of paradise.

Whether you’re intentionally seeking clarity or just a non-mindful adventure, lessons are learnt through the musings of nature. For example, the ever-changing conditions of the sea never see you catching a wave exactly the same way.

The glory of riding the green wave isn’t achieved through effortless coasting out to see. The paddle is the challenge. It takes work. It takes negotiations through and over incoming waves and almost most importantly, learning to breathe calmly when the tough gets going.

Surfing is quite the metaphor for life.

Almost immediately we (social hosts and our guests) find ourselves discussing the day's surf experiences, and sure enough, conversations about our ‘real lives’ unfold and somehow we learn that we’re all not too dissimilar. We are all just trying to navigate our way through life, picking up nuggets of wisdom along the way. Magically, we all become a mirror to each other and ‘journey companions’ during this short and sweet time.

Eventually, things take shape and start to make sense in the most natural, unforced manner, just as nature intended. Soon you will find that there are a few distinct sounds to hear in the jungle. The crashing waves, the calls of the Howler and most importantly, your truth.

- Natalie Van Schallkwyk