Year Anniversary

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Hola Friends,
I am approaching my year anniversary of living in Costa Rica and being part of the team at Shaka Beach Retreat. I can’t believe a year has already flown by! It seems like just yesterday that I was carving pumpkins with my nephews back in Denver, preparing for my departure to Costa Rica. I arrived to Shaka on Halloween last year, and spent my first night in town with Jerry and Haydee dancing at the local club La Lorra. Time sure does fly when you’re having fun! La Lorra
studs 3
A lot has happened in years time. Shaka built the new, beautiful yoga studio where I am now teaching, which was huge! I’ve helped build two new websites and am currently working on the third. In addition to the websites,  I’ve also created a YouTube channel called Solalunayoga.  I’m learning Spanish and I’m able to mostly communicate and not feel like a complete moron….well, I still feel like a moron, but not as much as I used to!

One of the things I am most proud of is my surfing, I’ve only been at it a year and have made some amazing progress….helps to have awesome instructors like we do at Shaka. It feels really good to tackle something as physically and mentally challenging as learning to surf has proved to be.  pinta and me

I have also acquired a few new furry friends. My first new friend is my dog Pinta Pants, she is freaking adorable and quite the little entertainer. She came with my apartment by the super market. I am so grateful for her company, she follows me around everywhere I go….me and my shadow.

BlanquitaThe latest addition, is my goat Blanquita, I got her about a month ago and she just had a baby!! Mulita Chiquita Bonita Cabrita is her full name, but I call her Mulita for short! Baby goats are some of the cutest little creatures on the planet! So, in addition to teaching yoga, surfing and learning Spanish, I’ve taken up goat herding too! I love Costa Rica!!!

I’ve been a busy girl! We only get one go at this life, so we might as well live it up and do the things we love to do! If a year goes by as quickly as this one did, a lifetime can slip by just as fast! I hope next year will be just as wonderful and exciting…… I guess only time will tell 🙂 Mulita



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