Why is Costa Rica Such a Great Surfing Spot?

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Costa Rica has a reputation for being one of the prime surfing spots in the world today. Only Hawaii and Australia can realistically compete with the diversity and beauty of this exotic destination. For new surfers, or those who have only surfed domestically, they often wonder what all the fuss is about and why people keep coming back to this Central American country year after year.

We answer why staying at a surf school in Costa Rica is such a fantastic way to enjoy the sport you love.

Surfing Surfing Everywhere

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Costa Rica is almost entirely a coastal nation. If you trace the entire coastline of the country, it’s longer than both the land length and width. It borders the two largest oceans in the world (the Atlantic and Pacific), which allows for so many options in when and where you surf. If you think a beach is too full, it’s not a problem because you can easily find another one.

Many of these beaches are also deserted, so you can have the waves to yourself.



If you learn to surf in Costa Rica you’ll be struck by how many sorts of waves and surfers there are. You can find people like you who are tackling their first waves. You can also find people who’re surfing along huge waves with massive amounts of power. Many of these areas are mere minutes away from each other.

It’s what’s led many surfers to make permanent homes here. You’ll find lots of these enthusiasts in hippie towns like Montezuma on the Nicoya Peninsula.

Bring the Family

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Bring the whole family along with you. It caters to a family surf vacation just like it caters to backpackers traversing the various forests and jungle rivers. It’s a country which is safe and where everyone is welcomed. Not many people know Costa Rica’s main problem with crime is pickpocketing. Murder and other violent crimes are almost unheard of outside of the major cities.

Surf Camps

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You won’t have any problems finding a surf school in Costa Rica. Wherever there’s a popular surfing location you’ll find a camp nearby. Some will teach you some new moves, whereas others just offer a place for you to stay before you head out again. It’s this diversity which makes it a surfing destination for everyone.

Stay at our surf camp. We know how important a family surf vacation is and can teach even the most inexperienced surf lover how to start riding the waves through professional and qualified tutors.

The Culture

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Costa Rica has developed a surfing culture outside of the major cities. You’ll find surf shops in almost every small town because of the immense number of people who visit each year. You’ll find beach bars, surfing experts, and Costa Ricans who just love to surf with a smile and an utterance of ‘Pura Vida’.

Whilst you learn to surf here at Shaka, you’ll become immersed in one of the biggest and brightest surfing cultures in the world.

Begin planning your next amazing journey today! Contact us with any questions regarding your stay at the Shaka Beach Retreat




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