Why Choose to Have a Wedding in Costa Rica?

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A wedding at home might be the most convenient, but is it really the best option open to you? More and more people are now considering having a wedding in Costa Rica. They’re seeing what the country has to offer and they realise it can add a new flavour to the traditional wedding ceremony. These are some of the reasons why you should choose this part of the world for your wedding.

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The View

To put it simply, the setting is unlike anything else you’ve ever experienced before. Imagine having a beautiful wedding on a favourite beach. You’re in a wedding suit with your toes wedged in the powdery white sands. The azure waves are gently lapping on the shore and there’s a refreshing breeze as the sun beats down.

The woman you want to be with most now appears and is about to make it the happiest day of your life. All your family members and closest friends are present.

What could be better than this? You’re combining a luxury holiday with your wedding ceremony.

Stay in True Luxury

Costa Rica isn’t short of luxury accommodation. The best part about staying here is the fact five-star accommodation isn’t as expensive as it would be in New York City or London. You can stay in one of these locations, even if you aren’t necessarily rich. And your family and friends can also stay with you.

You can open up the curtains to witness sea views or the mists gently descending over a portion of forest.

The Nation of Experience

A wedding in Costa Rica puts you in a place where you can experience something new. You can have white capuchin monkeys greeting you on your balcony every morning. Spot some of the sea life by diving under the waves and seeing some of the endangered sea turtles. Costa Rica is home to at least 200 unique species of animal.

Moreover, there’s always the option of doing something extreme. Imagine climbing to the top of a mountain and taking a zip line over one of the cloud forests. You can touch the rolling mists and the clouds before descending safely back to earth.

Whatever you want to do you can do it here.

It’s Easy

All you need to get married are two passports and a notary/attorney to gather the relevant papers for you. It doesn’t cost a great deal. Essentially, preparing a wedding for this exotic nation is like preparing a wedding back home. You still need the flowers, the invitations, and the accommodation.

Costa Rican weddings are recognised in all major nations. The only thing you need is an English translation of your marriage certificate.

If you are considering a wedding in Costa Rica, contact us here at Shaka to discuss your requirements.

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