Walking to the beach with monkeys

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Hey the waves are good, go surfing!Today the waves were small but fun, extremely glassy with fewer than 10 people out. I’ve been trying to get as much surf in before the brut of the rainy season sets in. you can still surf a lot in the rainy season but the conditions are rougher and the rain is unpredictable.

From my house or the surf camp it’s about a 3 minute walk through lush jungle like vegetation with lots of cool animals. It’s not uncommon to see cows, horses, iguanas, squirrels, crabs, and monkeys. Today on my way to the beach a pack of white faced monkeys were all around me. They were yelling at me, letting me know they were above me in the trees. The monkeys here are cool; they don’t throw stuff at you or steal your things like they do in Bali.

In Costa Rica there are 2 kinds of monkeys you see on a regular basis, White face(these are my favorite as they are very intelligent and I think look the coolest,) and the howler monkeys. (when these howl it sounds like there should be a 900lb pound gorilla in the bush). The howlers can be annoying in the morning if they decide to camp out in a tree next to your house, but never the less are always welcome and fun to watch.

There is a really neat wild life sanctuary in Cabuya called Rain Song Nursery and Wild Life Sanctuary  about 40 min from here. They have a baby white face monkey they rescued and you can pet him and watch him show off. I recommend visiting it if your into rain forest wild life and vegetation. The place is owned and operated by Mary. She is very knowledgeable. Every time I stop by, I get a 2 hour lecture/education in one thing or the other.


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