Things to Do for Kids in Costa Rica

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Kids are welcome in Costa Rica. There’s a whole other meaning to the word ‘family’ in this country. Ticos consider it an essential part of life and they’ll happily go out of their way to help younger travellers. Costa Rica is a country you can take your offspring to without feeling unsafe. Here are some of the things we’ve picked out for children travelling to this tropical nation.

The Best Beach

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Kids in Costa Rica should stay away from the beaches near San Jose. They have questionable levels of cleanliness due to their proximity to the big city. Puerto Viejo de Talamanca on the Caribbean side is a very clean beach with the utmost privacy. The tranquil waters don’t have any dangerous hidden currents and the sand is so pure it’s almost pink.

The nearby town has plenty of accommodation and eateries too!

Water Parks

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The Las Musas water park in San Ramon is a water park with a distinct absence of tourists. It’s a favourite amongst the local Tico population, though. Make sure you get here early to grab a table and a bench, otherwise prepare to sit on the ground. There’s a large pool and a smaller kiddie pool, along with a large waterslide.

What stands out about this park is the 300-foot waterfall used to recycle the water. There’s no chlorine and no salt in the water, yet the water is still pristine. It’s an object of wonder as well as a practical addition to the park.

Great Public Parks

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In San Jose, the best park to visit is the busy La Sabana Park. It has something for everyone in the area. There’s a big pond with lots of ducks playing in the middle. A new National Stadium was built on the grounds. It consists of baseball fields, a swimming pool, football fields, and playgrounds. The National Art museum is on the edge of the grounds and is free to enter on Sundays.

For the sheer number of attractions this gets a spot on this list.

Road Trip!

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It’s risky to take your child on a long road trip, but if they can handle it take the road from the Central Valley to Orosi Valley. There are so many attractions to enjoy along the way. Split it into two days with an overnight stay in Orosi or do it in one full day. The biggest (literally) attraction is the Irazu Volcano. This 9,000-foot behemoth provides awesome views over the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean from the summit.

Visit the Santiago Apostol Parish ruins. This famous church was destroyed by earthquakes which destroyed the town of Cartago. Cartago was once the capital until 1823.

The roads are well-travelled, and therefore safer, and the attractions are all family friendly, whilst offering enough to keep kids in Costa Rica interested.

Kids at Shaka

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