There’s more than one way to paradise-The barter vacation exchange

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Here at Shaka we are sympathetic to the vacationer who finds it hard to vacation in these sliding economies. Many people may not have the liquid cash, but may have something of great use or value to us here in Costa. So that being said we are open minded to possible trades of comparable value for items or services that we may need, like or really want. We have already done some barter vacation exchanges that worked out nice for both sides

If you have something of value perhaps we can do a trade or partial cash &trade. Here are some ideas

  1. Electronics: Here in Costa Rica electronics such as portable computers, cameras, projectors, game systems, apple products, audio equipment, studio equip etc costs more and breaks down sooner. Because of the humidity, dampness in the rainy season and salt in the air stuff breaks down frequently. It’s safe to say we always need something
  2. Sporting goods: Surfboards, aluminum mountain bikes, fishing gear, 
  3. Tools: All name brand tools cost more here. Quality name brand carpentry, power, and mechanic tools are always of interest.
  4. House and home: and once again anything that’s fancy and nice cost more or is hard to get. Fixtures, hardware, decorations, energy saving, or anything that can improve a beach house or cabanas will of course be of interest.
  5. Services: Internet marketing, marketing: We’re always looking for ways to improve our business exposure. Therapeutic: Many of us are extremely active and have nagging injuries, so a true master healer at times would be welcome. That’s just a few off the top of my head. We are open-minded to ideas, lets us know.

Some of us spend part of the year in Las Vegas, Colorado and Texas. An Item could be potentially delivered there as well.

Pura Vida
The Shaka Team

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