How to do a Surfing Aerial, Rodeo Flip

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Ok I’ve never done one of these. I’ve done basic airs but this is the mac daddy of airs. I think I’m gonna try one of these on a board I don’t care about breaking. I found a good tutorial insight by Jay DiMartino, so I’m going to archive it in my surf techniques aerials.

“What used to be surf fantasy has become an everyday reality at local breaks around the world. In the nineties, aerial surfing fast became functional, but top surfers like Timmy Curren and Kelly Slater began experimenting with fly away kick-outs, grabbing rail and going upside-down in mid air. These fledgling attempts were the sparks of the new level of surfing above the lip. On of the hottest moves in the future’s bag of tricks is now termed the RODEO FLIP.

What is a RODEO FLIP?

See for yourself: httpv://

It appears quite difficult, and I will admit that I have not been able to complete one myself even after several attempts; however, after studying a few completed RODEO FLIPS, I think I get the idea.

Step 1

Speed! Speed! Speed! With an open face, garner as much speed possible. The most effective line is mid-face since you need some launching room. If you are too low on the wave, you’ll lose speed on the climb to the lip. If you are too high, you have enough launch ramp. Going backside is the most effective approach for this move.

Step 2

Don’t Hesitate. Use all your speed. As long as the lip is semi-vert and you are at maximum speed, try your luck in the air.

Step 3

Compress. Bend your knees and coil your energy with a low center of gravity. Go straight up like you are going for a vertical re-entry off the lip. Once you are at maximum altitude, it’s time to grab both rails and release your tail. This sounds insane, but it really comes down to leaning back and being willing to follow through

Step 4

Follow through and stick it! Sounds easy. That’s what life is all about, right? However, here is where my attempts have fallen through, but I have watched a few others as they use their speed to rotate all the way in the air and let momentum do the work. The feeling is not unlike doing a backflip off a diving board, but you have to hold tight to your board while rotating backwards and sideways.

Step 5

Physics is your friend. Remember that your board’s bottom is buoyant. As long as you can place it somewhere on the wave face, and your weight is firmly placed over the midpoint of the deck, you should be able to ride through into the flats and complete this maneuver.

This article makes this move seem easy, but it is quite difficult and needs a juicy wave to be possible. If at first you don’t succeed, keep trying. That’s what I’m doing.

Good luck!!”

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