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Gathering sand for the turtle hatchery, back in July

Hola a todos. My name is Matt and I will be checking in with you as Shaka’s latest volunteer.  Proudly hailing from the golden state of California (San Luis Obispo to be exact), I am here in Playa Hermosa for the warm surf and tranquilo lifestyle. I have been in Costa Rica for almost three months now, just recently returning from my first ‘visa run’ to Nicaragua. Prior to landing at Shaka, I was volunteering as a Research Assistant for PRETOMA, patrolling the beach of Costa De Oro for nesting sea turtles. Two months of long night walks on the beach, tagging and measuring turtles and collecting their eggs was unlike anything I have ever done in my life, but the surf wasn’t much to write home about. After being here in Playa Hermosa just two days, I have already caught some sick waves and am sure I have made the right move coming here.

Back in January, fresh out of college (USC)  and free to begin my own personal endless summer, I started  Google searching stuff like ‘surf work volunteer Costa Rica.’ This is how I found both PRETOMA and Shaka. So I did the whole 9 to 5 thing for a few months in Cali, to save up cash for the flight and whatnot, then hopped on a plane to Pura Vida land. I have been here since early July and not sure if I will be ready to leave when my time is up (though I always look forward to Thanksgiving with the fam when November comes around). Who knows, maybe I’ll skip the flight if I find another opportunity like the one I have here, near paradise.  Vamos a Ver  (We’ll see!)

For now, all I know is that I will be here for the whole month of October, holding down the fort as night watch while everything is closed for the rainy season. I’ve been hooked up with a bed in the ‘board room,’ access to the fully equipped kitchen and a laptop with fast internet, so, needless to say, I am stoked.

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