Surf Terminology List

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This is a work in progress, so if you can think of any lingo to add to this post leave a coment and I will add it.

Surf Lingo 

    1. Swell: Open ocean wave before it breaks or arrival of a new batch of waves. For example (Hey bro I read on the internet that a new 6 foot swell is coming Tuesday or Wednesday.)
    2. Rip tide: or rip current: when Escaping water creates a river like current usually from the tide change and or swell directions.
    3. Tide: The depth of ocean water in relation to the shoreline. Caused by the moon tides switch direction twice a day constantly lowering or rising.
    4. Whitewater wave: A wave that has already broken creating a white foamy wave.
    5. Breaker: Moment in-between open swell and whitewater which is optimal for catching and riding.
    6. Pearling: A result of being to far forward and or late on take of, causing the nose of the board to dive underwater and the surfer to face plant.
    7. Take off: The moment of catching and standing up.
    8. Regular footed: Left foot forward stance.
    9. Goofy footed: Right foot forward stance.
    10. Backside: Riding a wave with your back to the face of the wave also known as heel side.
    11. Frontside: Riding a wave with your front facing the wave, also known as toe side.
    12. Dropping in:  Cutting someone off or stealing someone’s wave otherwise known as snaking.
    13. Set:  A new set of waves usually arriving in intervals.
    14. Lull: Period of time in between sets.
    15. Tube: Hollow section of a wave alson known as barrel, green room, shack, cover up, slot, pit, etc.
    16. Cutback: A turn or change of direction on an open face
    17. Lip: The falling point of a wave which results in a breaking wave.
    18. Face: The open rideable part of a wave that is usually in front of the lip and breaking section of a wave.
    19. Shoulder: The furthest section away from the breaking point of the wave.
    20. Outside or out the back: Out past the breaking point also known as the lineup where intermediate and advanced surfers wait for waves.
    21. Impact zone: The dangerous place where the waves are constantly breaking, just inside the lineup. Usually accompanied with a lot of movement in the water, or a rip.
    22. Trimming; The sweet spot on the board which generates the most speed for planning. Otherwise described as the gliding action of the board in relation to the wave.
    23. Onshore wind: A wind that is coming from the direction of the ocean, usually providing poor conditions.
    24. Offshore: A wind that comes from inland, these are favored for more hollow condition
    25. Pumping: Also known as rollercoasting similar to a pump in skateboarding down a ramp for more speed. The act applying pressure at the top of an open face wave on the surfboard by pumping with the legs in a top to bottom motion on the wave. For generating speed down the line
    26. Down the line: After take off, the act of riding a wave either left or right staying in front of the whitewash on the open face.









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