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Shaka will be holding a 1 week camp in Aug 21-30 with Jacob for the ridiculous low price of $1599 we will put a more detailed page up next week, but for now here is short  blog on it.  Feel free to contact with any inquiries


 In this economy, I know you’re looking for an edge.  We all are.

 My name is Jacob Cherrington and I’m a life coach with over a decade of experience helping people just like you radically change their lives for the better.

 In my years as a life coach for the Anthony Robbins Organization, I conducted hundreds of  workshops with diverse groups of people who all had one thing in common: They had a goal.  But they just weren’t sure how to get there.

 So, I created the F.U.E.L. For Life Success Plan which helps people:

 *Improve decision-making abilities

            *Fast-track personal goals

            *Identify the roadblocks that hinder potential

*Defeat old fears once and for all

            *Remove obsolete patterns and replace them with better working models

 Normally I conduct 2- or 3-day seminars in major cities around the U.S., but I realized that in order to make a massive shift, a step away from the ordinary is required.

 Which is why I expanded my program to 7 days and augmented it with completely radical location: Costa Rica.  

 Getting out of your everyday routine is critical to making major life changes (you can’t dry clothes that are sitting in a bucket of water, can you?) so I chose the tropical beaches of Costa Rica as the backdrop for this exciting weeklong workshop.

 For 6 nights and 7 days you’ll get access to:

*Full accommodations and three healthy meals per day at Shaka Beach Retreat (

            *Daily workshops and discussion groups

            *Inspiring personal and group activities designed to expose your patterns

            *Private personal coaching about your ambitions

            *Enlivening activities such as yoga, snorkeling, and surfing

I know you’re ready to move to the next level in some area of your life.  And this workshop is designed to take you there.

As of today, there are only 8 spaces left (and this event is filling up fast!) so email me for a FREE

information packet to get you started.

Remember: Information doesn’t change your life.  Experiences do.


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