Q: Do you have high speed Internet?
A: Yes, Shaka has a high-speed network, which is pretty reliable although it will sometimes go out during heavy rains.

Q: What is the student to teach ratio for surf lessons?
A: It is usually around 3:1

Q: Do you have any teaching certifications?
A: Yes, all of our Surf Instructors are ISA and Ocean Lifeguard Certified.

Q: Do you provide SUP lessons or rentals
A: We do not have SUP boards in our quiver, however they can be rented in town. There isn’t much flat water near Shaka, although you can travel to find some.

Q: Do I need a wetsuit for surfing in Costa Rica?
A: No, the water temp is never cold enough for a wetsuit.

Q: Do I need to bring a rash guard with me?
A: Yes, Shaka does not provide rash guards for our guests. We recommend buying one before your trip. Long sleeve is recommended in the summer and all rash guards should fit pretty snug as they will loosen in the water.

Q: Do you provide Lunch?
A: No, we provide a 3 meal program specifically designed for surfing and yoga. It includes a light early breakfast of fresh juice, fruit, granola & yogurt before surfing, then a full breakfast around 9:30-10:00 after surfing. Dinner is served around 6:30. There is always food available so if you are hungry, please tell one of our staff.

Q: Can I walk to town?
A: Yes, although it is a bit of a hike. Santa Teresa is spread out over several miles along one road running North to South. You can walk to parts of town in around 15 minutes but other parts would take an hour plus. If you want to go to town, we can arrange for a taxi if you want.

Q: What type of food do you serve?
A: Our cuisine is a mix of Tican and American, including fresh, local fruits and vegetables, fish & chicken, rice & beans, fried plantains, pastas and our famous pizza night.

Q: What is the full capacity of Shaka?
A: Depending on bedding, we can fit up to 18 guests at Shaka.

Q: Does Shaka have a pool?
A: Nope, however we are in the planning stage of adding one.

Q: How big are the villas?
A: Each villa has 2-3 beds in one large sleeping area. They are perfect size for a solo, couple or family of 4. We can also add bedding for additional family members.

Q: Do you have air conditioning?
A: Yes, all of the villas and the guesthouse have AC.

Q: Do the rooms have hot water?
A: Yes, all showers and sinks have hot water.

Q: Is the water safe to drink?
A: Yes, although it is very high in calcium. We filter the drinking water in the rancho to remove calcium but all water at Shaka is clean.

Q: Are you on the beach?
A: No, Shaka is what the locals call beach side. It is a 3-4 minute walk to the beach. Although you cannot see the beach, you can hear the waves.

Q: Do you provide massage sessions?
A: Yes, although not included in your package, we do have several local massage therapists that work with us.

Q: What type of wave break do you normally surf?
A: Shaka is closest to Playa Hermosa, which is a sandy bottom beach break with no rip tides, sand bars or undertows.

Q: Can I get surf guiding while at Shaka?
A: Yes, if you are an experienced surfer, Shaka can provide local surf guided trips to other surf breaks close by.

Q: Do you have a surfboard to fit me?
A: Yes, Shaka has a large quiver of surfboards ranging from short to long boards, fish, thruster, fun shapes, etc. For advanced surfers, we do recommend you bringing your own boards if possible.

Q: What type of Yoga is provided?
A: We provide a mix of Vinyasa and flow along with a Roots course as well.

Q: Is there English speaking staff at Shaka?
A: Yes, at all times.

Q: Do you sell or provide alcohol?
A: No, Shaka does not have a liquor license, however you are welcome to buy it locally and keep it in our refrigerator.


Q: Are you a hotel?
A: No, we are an all inclusive package based retreat.

Q: Is there a minimum stay?
A: Yes, our minimum stay is 5 nights.

Q: Are children welcome at Shaka.
A: Due to the quaint setting of Shaka, we do not offer packages to children under the age of 6.

Q: How do I make a reservation?
A: All reservations are made via email; the address is shakacr@gmail.com

Q: What is your payment policy?
A: We require a 50% deposit to secure your reservation, and then the remaining 50% is due at least 2 weeks from arrival.

Q: What is your cancellation policy?
A: We refund 100% if more then 1 month from arrival, 75% if more then 1 week from arrival, 50% if less then 1 week from arrival. You can also change your reservation, pending availability, without any fees.

Q: What’s the best way to pay for my trip?
A: Shaka works with PayPal for all payments. You can either use a PayPal account or any major credit card to pay for your payment invoices.

Q: Can I put a villa on hold while I get my flights arranged?
A: Yes, we allow reservation holds for up to 1 week without any security.

Q: Can I plan my wedding at Shaka?
A: Yes, we work with local planners to design the perfect wedding package for you.

Q: Do you work with Travel Agents?
A: Yes


Q: Is Costa Rica safe to travel through?
A: Yes, Costa Rica is a very safe country. Whether traveling alone or with family or friends, we will make sure your travel paths lead you to a safe and enjoyable adventure.

Q: Do I need an shots or vaccines to be safe in Costa RicA:
A: No, we only recommend that your tetanus shot is up to date.

Q: Do I need any shots or vaccines to enter the country?
A: Not usually, although checking with the airline is a great idea before hand.

Q: Do you provide airport transfers?
A: We do not include them in our package rates, however we will help you make all of your in country travel plans.

Q: How far in advance should I book my trip?
A: We recommend at least 2 months out, although for the holidays and Spring Break it is better to book 4-5 months out as we fill up pretty fast.

Q: What is the local currency?
A: The Colon, although the US Dollar is accepted everywhere.

Q: Should I exchange money at the airport?
A: We don’t recommend it, the exchange rate is usually not that good and everyone accepts US Dollars as well.

Q: What is the exchange rate?
A: It has been steady for the past 5 years, around 500 colon: 1 US Dollar

Q: Do I need a passport to travel to Costa Rica?
A: Yes, a passport is required for every adult and child.

Q: Is there a departure tax?
A: Yes, it is currently $28.00USD and is paid when you arrive at the airport.

Q: How much time should I plan for departure and arrival?
A: We recommend getting to the airport 2 hours before international flights.

Q: Which airport is best to fly into?
A: We recommend San Jose, although you can get to Shaka from Liberia as well.

Q: What is the Airport code for San Jose International Airport?

Q: Where do the puddle jumper flights land?
A: They land in Tambor, which is an hour taxi ride from Shaka.

Q: If I have to stay the night in San Jose, where would you recommend?
A: We recommend the Hampton Inn in Alajuela. It is close to the airport and provides free shuttle service, Internet, breakfast and international calls.

Q: Is the San Jose airport in San Jose?
A: No, It is in a suburb called Alajuela and is about 45 minutes from Downtown San Jose.

Q: Can I rent a car while in Costa Rica?
A: Yes, it is very similar to renting in the US.