Pizza night funtimes

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Those affiliated with Shaka will surely already know about the legendary Pizza Nights we have here.  For those who have yet to attend: what are you waiting for?!

Last night was my initiation to this Shaka ritual; cue Mo’e twirling up a storm with the bases and me grating cheese like a maniac.  A few friends arrived, beer in hand, and the pizzas started to roll out.  This time we kept it simple with Margarita and Vegetariano but everyone agreed that they were “que rico” – so delicious in fact that we’re thinking of extending our operations to a delivery service!  Keep your eyes peeled for more news on that one.

What I didn’t realise was that the pizza was only the beginning – once it was all eaten and the lightweights had gone home, the rum came out and the party really began!  With YouTube videos on replay and a shot of tequila to get us well and truly in the mood, we didn’t stop until 4am.

Unfortunately my body-clock didn’t recognise the shift from surf-time to party-time, so I woke up as usual this morning at the delightful hour of 6am.  Surprisingly, I didn’t actually feel too bad but headed back to bed for another couple of hours anyway.

And speaking of surfing, there’s supposedly a big swell on the way.  Great for Mo’e and the boys but not so good for me!  But on the plus-side, I am now getting out the back without getting munched quite so much.  I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how big things really get…  Emma

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