At Shaka we're passionate about teaching you how to surf. Not only do we enjoy passing on our knowledge of the ocean and the technical aspects of surfing, but we love sharing the waves with you.

Surf coaching is not just about being a good surfer. At Shaka we are all formally ISA trained to teach you how to surf. With internationally-recognised surf qualifications, we are also qualified in the fields of surf rescue and first aid.

Over and above all this we simply want to see you smiling and having fun. Come and join us in our ocean playground!

I could talk about the coaching forever. I had Danny. He is amazing. Danny is incredibly smart, calm and patient. He is a stellar coach. He immediately noted some of my bad habits and worked quickly to help me solve them. He worked with me daily on building my confidence in bigger waves, and refining my form when surfing. I wish I was surfing with him today!