Nightlife in Costa Rica – Clubs and Bars

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Costa Rica is a country renowned for its nightlife. Things really start to get hot after 10pm. If you’re visiting the country, you’re bound to indulge in the nightlife in Costa Rica at some point. Whilst there are lots of similarities to the UK and the US in the way people approach clubs, there are also some notable differences. Read on to find out more about getting your groove on in Tico town!


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Dancing in American and European clubs normally involves swaying mindlessly in time with the beat. If you’re a good dancer you might even be mocked by the rhythmically challenged. In Costa Rica, dancing is taken very seriously. It’s why you’ll find dance studios teaching all manner of jives and tangos at discounted prices. Some clubs will even offer dancing lessons early in the evening before the festivities begin.

If you’re not a good dancer, take a few lessons first or don’t dance. You will get a few odd looks if you act like Michael Jackson’s white cousin.


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Live music is something else you’ll see regularly in clubs and bars. Concerts are one type of live music. These tend to involve anything from Flamenco to chamber music. You can find these bands in theatres and dedicated concert venues. They’re more formal and focus on the music over the drinks and the dancing.

Live Bands

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Live bands are the second part of nightlife in Costa Rica. Live bands are brought into bars and are normally made up of local people. You’ll find some touring bands too. Now these bands are good. It’s not just a few high school kids putting a band together because they’ve got nothing better to do. If they were in the US they’d be competing for a record contract.

Music Types

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Costa Rica is a country which doesn’t necessarily segregate its venues according to music type. Most bars will play different types of music on different days of the week. Ticos are very open to different types of music and there a lot more varied musical tastes within the country.

You can go to the same bar one night and listen to rap and return another night to listen to traditional Flamenco.

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Stay Safe

Ticos enjoy a good drink and a good dance, but the idea of a night on the town isn’t to get wasted. This is the American and the British way of doing things. Drunkards aren’t appreciated. Drink in moderation and focus on the music and the dancing to make the most of your time in this part of the world.

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