Meet Some of the Famous People from Costa Rica!

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Celebrities in Costa Rica normally come from the US. Steven Tyler is one such person who recently bought property in Costa Rica. Despite its low profile on the world stage, Costa Rica is a country with its fair share of famous sons and daughters. Read on to discover some of the famous people who have made their country proud through their skills and achievements.

Claudia Poll and Silvia Poll

Claudia Poll

Claudia and Silvia Poll made history at the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta. Apart from the stories of gridlock on the streets of the city of Atlanta, these two swimmers dominated in their performances. They blew the competition away and each received a gold medal in their respective events. What made it so special was it was the country’s first gold medals at the Olympics.

Lorena Clare Facio

lorena clare facio

Lorena Clare Facio is another athlete from Costa Rica. She’s a champion of dressage and participated in the widely publicised Pan American Games 1983. She added to her image by becoming the First Lady of Costa Rica in 1998, before she left Costa Rican politics in 2002. Since then, she has remained relatively private.

Francisco Amighetti

Betancourt´s caricature
Francisco Amighetti is one of the country’s most famous artists. He is one of the most well-known celebrities in Costa Rica due to his work as an engraver and expressionist painter. He makes his art relevant and aims to communicate social messages. In his work, he demonstrates influences from Mexican, European, American, and Japanese artistic styles. To cap everything off, he was named the ‘Artist of the Century’ for the 20th century.

Joaquín Gutiérrez

Joaquín Posada Gutierrez
Joaquín Gutiérrez is the equivalent of England’s William Shakespeare. Some of his works appear in the national curriculum and are mandatory reading for all students. His early book Cocorí is the most famous book he’s written and this is what led to a statue of him being erected inside the National Theater in the capital of San Jose.

Walter Flores

Walter Flores is one of the few Costa Rican music producers who made a name for himself outside of the country. He was the producer for singer and activist Ruben Blades. Ruben Blades has won Grammy awards for two of his jazz albums. Flores was also involved with the Marfil music group. Expats who enjoy Latin music nearly always have works from the Marfil music group on their music players.

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