Learning Spanish Costa Rica

Costa Rica Spanish School By The Beach

Aside from surfing and yoga, you will have the opportunity to improve your second language Spanish skills. Learning Spanish will help develop your communication skills in Costa Rica and will aid you in everyday life at work or at home where you live. Taking our Spanish study program will give you the opportunity to practice with our native staff, with other students, in town at restaurants, the market, or even just at the beach surfing.

We hold classes in our open air rancho and even sometimes at the beach. Being surrounded by nature, classes will be interactive, dynamic, and thorough. Our Spanish lessons have been designed to assist you to interact with Ticos (Costa Ricans), making your stay

more pleasant and exciting.

Whether you are a beginner or intermediate level, we offer small classes of 5 people or less as well as private lessons. Classes are held Monday through Friday and last approximately 2 hours with a 15 minute break. We are always flexible on starting dates depending on the amount of people signed up for the class.

Costa Rican Spanish Course Class Materials

We will provide you with copies of the lessons, exercises, homework, vocabulary, and a Grammar guide. Classes will incorporate reading, games and conversation.

What to Bring

Pocket size dictionary and pen