Shaka Surf Now Has High Speed Wireless Internet!

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Hey guys–

Just wanted to say a quick hello!  I’m back here in Costa Rica, back at Shaka Surf, using the high speed wireless internet here…  yes, it’s true!  Shaka now has high speed.  So in addition to hearing the waves crash on the shore (which I am listening to right now), and the birds squeaking in the trees, I can now listen to streaming music, watch surfing videos, check my email, and of course, shop online– all from the comfort of the open air rancho.

Well, not much to report here on this front.  Just wanted to say hello to everyone!  Surf has been pretty big the last few days so I’ve been getting tossed around a bit.  But, as always, it’s all in good fun!

Hope you’re all having a wonderful day!

Your friend in Latin America,



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