Great times at Shaka Costa Rica

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Helllooooooo! It’s Brian, the new volunteer At Shaka Costa Rica

Well…. I’m on my 5th day here at Shaka Surf Camp and i couldn’t be more impressed with the waves, hospitality and presence of nature. On my first day, Chris and i surfed for a couple hours, (great waves, with not a soul in sight) walked up to our beautiful camp and were suddenly surprised by a 5.1 earthquake!!! It was my first encounter with an earthquake, so i didn’t realize exactly what had just happened! i looked around to see the expression of Chris’ face. He knew right away what was going on. We came to the realization that no tsunami was on the way and carried on our day as if nothing happened. We later took a ride to Cobano, which reminded me of Orlando or some other busy city. i couldn’t wait to  get back to Shaka, where time slows and we are surrounded by the peaceful sound of the ocean.

As of day five, i have been able to get in the ‘GROOVE’ of things and i couldn’t be happier!!! In my opinion, pure joy is listening to great music, catching great waves with a good friend, great comida (pizza), and just existing. I really enjoy the vibe that Shaka emits. Its a vibe of simplicity and can only be experienced by actually coming and realizing that life is much more simple than we are all  conditioned to think so!

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  1. billy gotti says:

    Dude im pumped u r having fun1 we on the other hand are miserable back here in south florida! lol i want to come back asap. i didnt miss the hustle n bustle of the city life at all! tell everyone i say hi and will be seeign them again soon! Pura Vida bro!

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