Habla Espanol?

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I will be the first person to admit:  My Spanish is no bueno.  In most cases and situations, I am able to get by with my fabulous “Spanglish” but that’s just not good enough for me anymore.  So, my newest mission is to work on my Spanish, while I’m volunteering at Shaka Beach Retreat!

Here at Shaka and in many parts of Costa Rica, a lot of people do speak English so i am not forced to learn the language.  I can follow along with  conversations but can’t fully participate because unfortunately, I can HEAR Spanish much better than I can speak it.  This leaves me looking like a total creeper at parties where I just stare at people and try to understand what they are saying…. I’m a conversation lurker. 

So, I’ve made the difficult decision to put my ego aside and make a full effort in learning to speak Spanish.  I had an impromptu lesson yesterday when , Adalayda, out cook stopped by for an hour and a half.  She speaks very little English and well, you already know about my Spanish, so we sat with my Spanish/English dictionary and talked for the whole time she was here.  If she didn’t know a word in English, she would look it up and point to it in the dictionary.  I would say the English word and she would repeat it and vise/versa.  We actually learned a lot about each other and about each others language!

With the help of the locals, Mo’e, and Krista I am hoping my Spanish will improve tremendously by the time I leave.  Wish me luck let’s hope I just don’t offend anyone while I practice!!

For now— Voy a la playa con tabla de surf!

Hasta Luego y Pura Vida,


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