Fun, Cool, and Weird Facts about Costa Rican Life

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It’s always handy to know something about the country you’re visiting before you actually get there. Even if most of the conventions don’t apply to you, it’s good to know as much about your destination as possible. These facts about Costa Rica focus on life and traditions. You might find some of them strange, or completely eye-opening as some of them directly contrast with what we believe in countries like the UK and the US.

Young Children

It’s common for parents to give two-year-old children coffee. This seems mad as surely it’s just going to keep them up at night? It doesn’t because Ticos live a highly active lifestyle so the caffeine usually doesn’t affect them.


Wha’ppen / Foter / CC BY-SA

Ticos don’t wait around to embalm you or for your relatives to pick out a nice casket. They put you in the ground on the same day. Your obituary comes out after you’ve been buried. Costa Ricans are very laidback even when it comes to death.


Costa Ricans are naturally short. You’ll find nearly every piece of furniture outside of holiday resorts to be about six to eight inches lower than an average piece of furniture found in the USA. Tall and comfortably round people will have problems getting up out of chairs in a standard Tico family home.

Bad Habits

For all the country’s natural beauty, there’s still a lot of people who shun the benefits of good health. To illustrate this, most cigarette brands will cost you less than $2. McDonald’s, Burger King, and other major fast food chains also do home delivery. Now you don’t even have to leave your house to get fat!


Addresses simply don’t exist outside of the major cities like San Jose. To deliver mail and find people, you’re usually directed to a major landmark like a church or statue. From here, you usually have to ask someone if they know who you’re looking for. This makes driving very complicated.

Fire Codes

Fire safety marshals in the US would have simultaneous heart attacks when they learn about this interesting fact. All doors open inwards instead of outwards. Costa Ricans have gotten used to pushing when they leave and pulling when they enter. Yet strangely they’ve never had a major fire disaster caused by these doors.


Hambo / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

Like many Latin nations, there are bullfights throughout the country. This is one of the more intriguing facts about Costa Rica as it’s bullfighting with a twist. For a start, the bull rarely dies. Secondly, you genuinely don’t know the outcome of the fight since the bull has a chance of winning and isn’t killed for doing so straight after. It makes the spectacle a whole lot less guilt-ridden and family friendly.

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