Shaka is located in Playa Hermosa on the south western coast of the Nicoya Peninsula, about 15 minutes north of Santa Teresa (psst – don't mistake us with the Playa Hermosa further south near Jaco!).

Our location is relatively remote - it's what makes the area so stunning, and while this means uncrowded beaches, take into account travel time to reach us.

There are a few options for getting to Shaka from San Jose, depending on your time and your budget. Flying from San Jose to Tambor and then taking a cab is significantly quicker but also more expensive. In the intermediate price range is to travel via private shuttle, a door-to-door service. If your budget is limited and you are not in a hurry, take the public bus. Each of these options is detailed below.



There's currently one airline that provides daily flights from San Jose to Tambor on the Nicoya Peninsula. The flight is approximately 30 minutes.

Sansa operate out of its own small terminal, a five minute walk from San Jose's main terminal. Upon leaving the Arrivals Terminal walk straight ahead to the main boulevard, turn left, then Sansa will be located 300 feet away on the lefthand side. Any airport official will be able to point you in the right direction.

On arrival into Tambor, grab a taxi to Playa Hermosa – approximately 45 minutes and $60. We recommend the services of Richard Mora at Adventure Cab.


Private Shuttle

There are a number of companies that provide a private shuttle service to Shaka; we frequently use the services of Montezuma Expeditions. You'll be collected from San Jose and driven to the Puntarenas ferry (approximately 1.5-2 hours). At Puntarenas, you'll leave the van and board the ferry, taking your bags with you. The ferry crossing is approximately 1.5 hours and on arrival you'll be met by another van, which will drive you the rest of the way to Shaka (approximately 1.5 hours).

The quoted cost of the shuttle includes all legs of the journey (shuttle -> ferry -> shuttle -> taxi).


Direct Bus

Departing from the bus terminal in San Jose, the direct bus makes the same journey as the private shuttle.. The bus leaves the station twice daily (6am and 2pm). You can see the bus schedule here. On arrival into Santa Teresa get off the bus and take a taxi to Shaka – approximately 15 minutes and $15. There are generally plenty of taxis in the town and near the bus station so you should have no problem waving one down. Alternatively, you can walk into any one of the restaurants or cafes and ask them to call a taxi for you.