Essential Destinations for Young Backpackers in Costa Rica

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Backpackers in Costa Rica are in good company as thousands of them travel to this intriguing country each year. It offers so much for the budget traveller. Unlike many commercial destinations, this nation offers beauty instead of luxury. There’s so much to see and do for very low prices. Here are some favourite destinations for people who don’t want to spend a lot of money on holiday.

Puerto Viejo

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This is perhaps the most popular destination on the Caribbean coast. It’s a big party atmosphere and you can find something going on every night of the week. If the dancing and the live music isn’t your thing, or you need to sleep off a hangover, there are quiet beach hotels isolated from the rest of the town.


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Not every backpacker enjoys guzzling bottles of brightly coloured alcohols all night. Cahuita is the town for travellers who want to relax. It’s a small town located next to the Cahuita National Park. It’s only about an hour from Puerto Viejo yet the atmosphere couldn’t be more different.

You’ll only find a grand total of one bar in town and it’s never full. Most travellers prefer to lie around and read or go hiking throughout the forests surrounding the town.


Tortuguero is teeming with wildlife of all kinds. It’s on the northern coast and is the country’s version of the Amazon. Throughout April and May you can observe Green Sea Turtles coming to nest on the beaches. If you arrive during the off-season, you can still spot and array of colourful animal and plant life. The river cruises and hiking trips are inexpensive and leave the various settlements on a daily basis.

Corcovado National Park

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If you want to put in some effort, visit the Corcovado National Park. This remote area is in the southwest of the country on the Osa Peninsula. It’s more popular than ever, but tourist numbers are still low. The biggest difficulty is actually getting to the park. Once you arrive here, you’ll be treated to isolated beaches, the best hiking in Costa Rica, and rare animals on land and in the crystal clear waters off the peninsula.

Backpackers in Costa Rica should consider booking many of these trips in advance. Since a lot of the attractions are remote you can get the best deals by booking a few months before you’re set to leave. Consider arriving during the rainy season as there are less tourists and you’ll encounter a whole other set of wildlife in the jungles and waters of this Central American paradise.


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