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Is learning to surf on your bucket list?

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Surfing a Bucket List idea

A bucket list is simply a list of dreams and wishes that as yet remain unachieved in your life. If there are things you wanted to learn or an adventure you want to have, then perhaps learning to surf is one of the items on your list. As the old adage goes, “don’t put off for tomorrow what you can do today.” Each one of us has a choice. We can have a life filled with “what ifs” or one in which we grab each moment with gusto. Surfing is but one quest of many that could fulfill some of your wishes, and it’s certainly one filled with energy, natural beauty and the opportunity to challenge yourself in a different way.

Surfing has much in common with other sports. It requires a certain level of dedication, athleticism and practice not only for success but also for true enjoyment. There are certain sets of guidelines that experienced surfers are expected to follow, and different philosophies that create an entire surfing culture throughout the world.

Surfing vs Snowflakes

One thing you should know at the outset is that no two surfers are any more alike than two snowflakes. The way each takes to the water, a wave – they’re style and stance and how they express the art of surfing comes from something deep within. That means no matter how much you might admire a specific surfer or surfing instructor, the way that your experience plays out is going to be unique and very personal. That’s surfboards costa ricaalso what makes putting surfing on your bucket list so special. It’s an experience like none other that often defies written or spoken explanations.

From region to region you’ll find that certain slangs and terms change as do fashions – each of which reflects something of the local culture and the surfer himself. Ladies, don’t get hung up on the word “himself” many women have expanded their horizons to embrace water, sand and waves – seeking that great wave with ferocity and passion. For some, this becomes an on-going lifestyle choice while others use surfing as a hobby that alleviates stress, improves energy and affords a moment interacting with nature in a way that some people will never experience.

Mind you, as a bucket list item you’re probably not looking to spend 24-7 beach hopping. Beyond having a real life, full-time surfing can get expensive between travel packages, flashy boards and various accessories necessary to serious surfers. So the question then becomes, why did you choose surfing as a special activity? Are you looking for a thrill? Hoping to get some good exercise? Do you celebrate the artistic nature of the sport? None of these goals is right or wrong – they’re simply different and approached differently.

surfing stokeSurfing and the Ahaa! Moment

The very first time you stand on a board and actually catch a wave changes everything. There’s something spiritually exhilarating about it. It is a moment you will never forget, but just one of many other memories waiting for you on the water.

So where exactly might you go for this supreme, life-changing moment? Really almost anywhere. From the beautiful beaches of Costa Rica to other waterfront destinations around the world, there’s a wave waiting for you. Just be sure to choose a trip that suits your skill level. Costa Rica, for example, is favored by surfers of all different talents because of its consistent, medium sized waves along miles and miles of stunning coastline.

In terms of precautions, make sure you protect yourself diligently from the sun using waterproof sunscreen. Achieving one part of your bucket list does little good if you develop skin cancer. Pay attention to any surf warnings and announcements with similar care. These will tell you where the breaks are, and where things may be dangerous.

Plan your surfing vacation well in advance and prepare yourself physically. Surfing takes a lot out of your shoulders and lower back, so work on flexibility and strength in those areas so your lessons don’t land you in bed with stiff joints. Remember that it will take more than one lesson to learn to surf, most professional lessons lasting between 1 1/2 and 2 hours, so schedule the length of your stay accordingly.

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