Can You Have an Exotic Wedding in Costa Rica?

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A wedding in Costa Rica sounds perfect. You have white sands, crystal waters, and the cloud forests to go and explore as part of your honeymoon. Your wedding party would also love some time away in this beautiful country. You do need to prepare the legal documents to get married, though. This is where many couples make mistakes. They expect to get married as soon as they arrive only to discover they haven’t completed the correct preparations.

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Let’s discuss how you and your partner, assuming you’re both foreign nationals, can get married in one of the most idyllic countries in the world.

What Documents Do You Need?

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To start with, you’ll need an attorney and notary in Costa Rica to complete your marriage. Make sure you contact both of these individuals in the area where you want to get married long before you start making travel plans. They’ll be able to gather all the documentation for you.

All you need are two passports valid for yourself and your partner. As long as they’re valid for at least six months, you have everything you need.

Is it Really This Easy?

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It’s this easy if you’re both foreign nationals. Marriages are recognised by all major countries outside Costa Rica, as long as the marriage certificate is translated into English. Where it gets tricky is with marriages to foreign nationals by Costa Rican citizens and with catholic weddings.

You need additional identity documentation if you or your partner comes from Costa Rica. Unless you’re dead set on being married in a catholic church, give it a miss. It can take a year to jump through all the hoops, and it only gets worse if one or both of you have been through a divorce before.

And here’s an additional note on divorce. You will need evidence of your divorce and you can’t remarry within 300 days of your last divorce, although this applies to Costa Rican nationals only.

Wait to Travel

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Wait for confirmation from your attorney and notary before you make any travel plans. A wedding in Costa Rica might sound like a dream, but it can quickly turn into a terrible experience if you don’t obey the rules.

You can find companies which specialise in Costa Rican weddings. They’ll put you in touch with their own attorneys who perform the ceremonies. They’ll also make sure you have everything prepared. If you’re apprehensive about preparing everything yourself in a foreign country, this can be a great option.

Your guests have nothing to do with the documentation. All they need is a valid passport to come into the country and they can enjoy the happiest day of your life.

You are welcome to contact us for more information before you begin planning your wedding in Costa Rica.





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