Break today, surprise shoulder rehab from surfing

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The waves were super clean but small so I decided it was a good opportunity for a one day break. Yesterday there was a 1 day swell (chest to slightly over head) so I put in another 4 hour session. Normally 3-4 hour isn’t too much but I caught so many waves yesterday that I probably paddled 6miles. This morning the waves were super clean but tiny, I figured a good opportunity for a rest day.

My right shoulder started to het a little sore the last hour I was out. I have an old injury from snowboarding that flairs up if I overuse it. The truth though, is my shoulder has gotten a lot better almost 100% since I moved to Costa Rica and started surfing everyday. The first 1 1/2 years I had to rest if my shoulder bothered me but now I can go go go. Prior to living here, I tried many things to rehab my shoulder from Acupuncture, cortisone shots, and even consulting a doctor about orthroscopic. Thank God I didn’t go with the knife. Just surfing was an unexpected solution

The key to shoulder health and rehab is blood circulation, daily light exercise utilizing comfortable range of motion. No sudden jarring movements like hitting a punching bag or swinging at a volleyball (bench pressing is one of the worst). If you can’t paddle everyday, daily internal and external rotation with a tension band is one of the best low impact for indoor, but remember very light weight with lots of reps is better for blood circulation. Daily self massage helps accelerate healing as well.

: One thing to note is that paddling on a surfboard is easier on the shoulder than swimming because your board supports your position and paddle stroke stays below you where as in free-swimming your arm stroke has to pass out and above the head which is actually an awkward position for the shoulder.


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