Brainstorming in the Rancho!

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Pura Vida!!  It’s an amazing day here at Shaka!  The sky is clear, the sun is shining, a gentle breeze is blowing, and it is muy tranquilo. 

In between surf sessions and quad expeditions, Krista, Mo’e and I have been busy brainstorming and tossing around new ideas for vacation packages to offer on Shaka Beach Retreat Website!  Inspired by an old friend, Mo’e, a certified personal trainer, is totally stoked on the idea of putting together a Fitness Adventure package.  it’s going to be amazing: early morning yoga on the beach, beach boot camps, hiking and zip-line tours in Montezuma, surf lessons, healthy meals, and so much more!  It’s going to be killer and designed for the vacationers who are interested in getting in shape while enjoying all of the adventure that the Nicoya Peninsula has to offer.

In addition, I’m working on writing a biography for our camp dog, Lady, that we will have posted on the website and a write up to submit to Zoom! Nicoya Peninsula- a local magazine with news and tourist information.  It’s a pretty exciting time here.

I’m totally excited and working ferociously to get camp ready for 2 weeks of adaptive surf camps with Ocean Healing Group!!  It’s going to be great to see all of my old friends, meet some new people, and bring some excitement to our injured campers.  Ahhh…  it makes my heart feel so good when the camps are here.  The experience of being involved with OHG camps is hard to put into words:  emotional, inspiring, soul-soothing, and magical.  I have met some of the most incredible people in my life here at Shaka!!

Mo’e will be here soon to take me out for an instructional surf session…  I’m stoked!  Gotta go wax my board, liberally apply that sunscreen, and hit the beach!

Keep checking back for more news, updates, and stories about my volunteer  experience on The Shaka Front!


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