Back in the motivation, Surf Camp ready

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I haven’t blogged in about 3 weeks. Just didn’t have the motivation, but now i feel it again. It is the middle of the rainy season over here, which is also my favorite time of the year. Hardly any tourist, no crowds surfing, no dusty roads, nice perfect temperatures, and you sleep like a baby to the drum of rain drops falling on the metal roof. When it rains hard at night you can light a few candles in case of the frequent power outs and hang in a hammock sipping on a cold beer or glass of wine.

We are putting in the final touches to the surf camp so it will be ready for the up and coming high season. We have been getting quite a few inquiries from on-line for this coming season, looks like we could be quite full. We have recently installed hot water and and by Feb when it starts to get hotter we should have AC(although usually not necessary)in all the cabinas.

On another note we will be working closely with one of the main real estate companies in the area to provide a real estate educational adventure tour held at our surf camp. I will right another in dept blog later about later or check out the page

Until later, Pura Vida,


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Good week all in all

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Well we had a very educational week. We learned a lot and now we will definately have to hit the drawing board, but that is exactly what we hoped for. Our guest of honor Vijay will be exiting tomorrow so we had a party tonight. In fact i am still buzzing from the rounds of Pilsen and Imperial from earlier. We will post some video and audio content as soon as we get a little editing help done.

 But i will end with this. Since i have been hanging out with adaptive surfers and the like, It has realy helped progress my thinking as well as my apreciation for many  other things. I will always hold these experiences deer to my heart

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Adaptive surfing session today with Vijay

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There is no good exuse to not try itMy partner arrived yesterday with our second disabled guest (our first being Christiaan Bailey from Life Rolls On). Vijay is a paraplegic with only partial use of his upper abdominals and up. His accident involved repelling Read More→

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Many of our friends and family thought we were crazy to be leaving the US/Las Vegas when we had our own small successful Read More→

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The waves were super clean but small so I decided it was a good opportunity for a one day break. Yesterday there was a 1 day swell (chest to slightly over head) so I put in another 4 hour session. Normally 3-4 hour isn’t too much but I caught so many waves yesterday that I probably paddled 6miles. This morning the waves were super clean but tiny, I figured a good opportunity for a rest day.

My right shoulder started Read More→

Walking to the beach with monkeys

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Hey the waves are good, go surfing!Today the waves were small but fun, extremely glassy with fewer than 10 people out. I’ve been trying to get as much surf in before the brut of the rainy season sets in. you can still surf a lot in the rainy season but the conditions are rougher and the rain is unpredictable.

From my house or the surf camp it’s about a 3 minute walk through lush jungle like vegetation with lots of cool animals. It’s not uncommon to see cows, horses, iguanas, squirrels, crabs, and monkeys. Today on my way to the beach a pack of white faced monkeys were all around me. They were yelling at me Read More→

clean small waves, self reliant Real estate

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Today the waves were small, clean and fun. There were about 9 people out. But spread out. It was one of those days that it was so nice Read More→

surfing, how to Hit and destroy the lip

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Definitions: What is hitting or smacking the lip?

The “lip” is the highest point of the wave just before it falls or breaks. Depending on the wind strength and direction, a lip can have many characteristics. For instance Read More→

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