Big News! FUEL for Life Retreat!

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Shaka is pleased to announced a really exciting event at the end of August! Life coach Jacob Cherrington is hosting a weeklong workshop here in Playa Hermosa!

Las Vegas-based Jacob was a life coach for the Anthony Robbins Organization for over ten years and through working with people from all walks of life to define and achieve their goals, he developed his own system (called F.U.E.L for Life) which helps people clearly define their goals and develop a clear plan to accomplish them.

I’ve read a little Anthony Robbins stuff, and it’s really interesting. But reading about something is a little different than actually putting it into practice, digging in, and getting to know yourself a little better.

Just talking to Jacob, I can feel his enthusiasm about this event–and frankly, it’s contagious.

So I feel lucky that I get the opportunity to help out with what is sure to be a very exciting week where I’ll learn a lot about myself and how I can make the most positive changes in my life (although, what can be more positive than living near the beach and surfing every day? Ha ha ha—I’m excited to find out!)

For more information about Jacob, check out his website at

For more information about this event, go to our New Ideas section!


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