Back in the motivation, Surf Camp ready

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I haven’t blogged in about 3 weeks. Just didn’t have the motivation, but now i feel it again. It is the middle of the rainy season over here, which is also my favorite time of the year. Hardly any tourist, no crowds surfing, no dusty roads, nice perfect temperatures, and you sleep like a baby to the drum of rain drops falling on the metal roof. When it rains hard at night you can light a few candles in case of the frequent power outs and hang in a hammock sipping on a cold beer or glass of wine.

We are putting in the final touches to the surf camp so it will be ready for the up and coming high season. We have been getting quite a few inquiries from on-line for this coming season, looks like we could be quite full. We have recently installed hot water and and by Feb when it starts to get hotter we should have AC(although usually not necessary)in all the cabinas.

On another note we will be working closely with one of the main real estate companies in the area to provide a real estate educational adventure tour held at our surf camp. I will right another in dept blog later about later or check out the page

Until later, Pura Vida,


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