And there’s a new volunteer at Shaka too!

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Not only do we now have high-speed wireless, but I’ve arrived too!  Slightly less high-speed I’m afraid, as it took me three days to get here from Panama, but that’s  whole other story…

Anyways, I’m the new volunteer here at Shaka.  I’ve yet to gain a cool surf nickname, so for now I’ll just stick to “Emma”.  I’m from England where there really just isn’t enough surf, and I was tired of getting beaten up by messy, freezing waves!  So after a few years off the surf scene (ain’t much surf in London), I’ve decided to travel the world – surfing wherever I find a sweet spot.

And at Shaka I think I may have found exactly what I’m looking for: balmy weather, chilled people and best of all, uhmazing beaches and surf.  I’ll be staying here for a while as a volunteer; blogging, surfing and helping out around the place.

I’ll keep you updated as I try to recover any surf skills I once had – luckily for me I’m in the ideal place for it!

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