Adaptive surfing session today with Vijay

Posted by Jul28, 2008 Comments (0)

There is no good exuse to not try itMy partner arrived yesterday with our second disabled guest (our first being Christiaan Bailey from Life Rolls On). Vijay is a paraplegic with only partial use of his upper abdominals and up. His accident involved repelling which resulted in an 80ft fall. We have slowly been bringing in adaptive surfers to help improve our systems and accommodations before we go full throttle.


We had a special surfboard made prior to his arrival and had a chance to test it out today at sunset. It realy puts things in perspective when you work with a disabled person who just puts it all on the line and goes for it. We caught a few waves today and had a chance to see how our custom designed surfboard worked. We are getting pretty close to perfecting the design. It can be challenging because every disabled surfer has unique needs.


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