4 Things Never to Believe About Costa Rica

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Every country has its fair share of myths. The myths of Costa Rica normally appear because of neighbours like Nicaragua. Ticoland is a country which doesn’t have the same problems. It’s like another world away. So you can set your mind straight, we’re going to take a look at some of the things which you shouldn’t believe about Costa Rica.

1. It’s a Poor Country

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Costa Rica actually has the lowest poverty rate in Central America. One of the major reasons for this is because of its concentration on industry. Coffee is the second biggest commodity on the international market and tourism is still growing in the country. Combine these two together and it creates jobs and enables the government to unveil special programs to bring people out of poverty.

Ticos see their country as a paradise for peace. It’s a calm country freed from the evils of an unequal world.

 2. It’s Isolated

Central America doesn’t have the fame of Europe and North America. It doesn’t have the same connections. Costa Rica isn’t an isolated nation. It trades more than any other country in Latin America. This has actually caused problems for many of its ports.

Tico ports are filled up and they urgently need investment to continue to expand, such is the popularity of Costa Rican goods. The equipment needs upgrading and land infrastructure needs to improve so it can continue growing. This nation is a heart of activity and it plays an important role in the world’s economy.

 3. There’s a lack of Education

This is one of the worst myths of Costa Rica because it couldn’t be further from the truth. Kids in cities like San Jose go to normal schools where they learn to read and write. Despite the lack of formal schooling in the rural areas and villages, practically everyone can read and write. There are very few truly illiterate Ticos, and most of these are from the older generations.

They use the national radio station for basic schooling. Even the rural areas can get this station. Parents will use it as a teaching aid.

4. It’s an Unstable Country

Costa Rica is actually a very stable country with a democracy which is the envy of its neighbours. It hasn’t had a war in a very long time because the country is thoroughly anti-military. They were so anti-military straight after the civil war they abolished the concept of maintaining a standing army.

The government can still respond to internal threats through the National Guard. Any government who wants to claim power permanently won’t be able to because there’s no armed militia ready to help them. It keeps everything stable and peaceful.

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